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Major Resort Real Estate Developments
Shoreline from Above

Robex International has been either the principal investor and developer, a co-investor and co-developer, or has acquired land for the development of resorts and sold the property after completing the design and permitting phase.  

Before joining and subsequently acquiring Robex in a leveraged buy-out, Gianni Arcaini, the founder and Chief Executive, was the co-founder and managing partner of a multinational resort real estate marketing firm, holding exclusive contracts with some of the largest Spanish resort development companies with numerous developments located along the south-eastern coast of Spain.

Robex's Roles (legend):

  1. *Principal Investor | Principal Developer | Unit Sales | Property Management

  2. *Principal original Investor | Design & Development Plan | Permitting | Sold pre-construction

  3. *Co-investor/Developer in Joint Venture with French lead development partner

  4. *Owner/operator


Coudalere, South France 1*

1,200 villa luxury resort w/ 250 slip marina, shops and restaurants


Grande Motte, S. France  3*

200 unit development,

adjacent to marina

Avoriaz, France  3*

400 units including amenities


Courchevel S., France  3*

Marina, The Netherlands 2*

1,400 slip full service marina with hotel and condos


Cap D'Agde, South France 3*

200 luxury resort units 

Antibes, S. France  3*

200 unit development,

mainly for retirement market


Bungalowpark Simpelfeld 1*

164 units including amenities


Bungalowpark Sallandshoeve 1*

89 units including amenities


Bungalowpark Eldorado 1*

10-hectar resort including 150 units and amenities


Dolfinarium, The Netherlands 4*

Marine land famous for its research and dolphin shows

Bimini, Bahamas  2*

750 acre luxury resort. Image taken from Atlantis Space Shuttle


Bimini Bay, Bahamas  2*

750 acre luxury resort & Casino

now owned/developed by the Capo Group

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