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Robex International - Our Expertise 

International Resort Real Estate Developments

Business Ventures

Robex International has been either the principal investor and developer, a co-investor and co-developer or has acquired land for the development of resorts and sold the property after completing the design and permitting phase.  Prior to joining and subsequently acquiring Robex in a leveraged buy-out, Gianni Arcaini, the founder and Chief Executive, spearheaded the marketing and sales of several major resorts located along the southern coast of Spain.

Over the years, Robex International has founded and acquired several businesses, including high-tech recycling, construction demolition, C&D landfill, engineering, strategic planning, homeland security, and transportation safety technologies.  All these companies had a common thread of advancing the latest technologies in their respective fields. The latest venture was the founding of the high-tech company Duos Technologies, now listed on a national exchange (Nasdaq: DUOT).  Duos focuses on security and transportation safety.


Office Consultation

Robex International has been an adviser to governments, corporations, and investors.  In that role, Robex executives interacted with high-level political and military leaders, C-level members of corporate management and shareholders, as well as with a cross-section of permitting and regulatory agencies.  Today, Robex's principal and CEO, Gianni Arcaini, is consulting on a wide range of topics, including structuring public or private corporations, assisting in taking private companies public,  advancing high-tech concepts and models, and on Robex's core experience, the development of large-scale resorts.

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